3 questions about flow

Hi, I’m very interested in that project for its longtime and open source thinking. As musician-developper I’m thinking about create an NFT and study all different platforms.

Could some one tell me what advantages FLow would have versus platforms like Audius and Rarible platforms ?

On those last platforms it is easy to see created NFTs on the market like Audius or Rarible – Create, sell or collect digital items secured with #blockchain. Where can I see such Flow NFTs market ?

Why did you choose to invent a new programming language when very well none and powerfull languages like C or Python exist ?

  1. Flow is a blockchain, unlike Audius and Rarible, which are apps. I would recommend reading the Flow Primer for information about why flow is a better choice than other blockchains, primarily not having sharding and the better, safer programming environment.
  2. Flow is still very early in development, so there aren’t any general NFT display apps like those, but there definitely will be in the future. See something like VIV3 or Versus for examples.https://viv3.com/
  3. C or Python are general purpose programming languages, whereas Cadence is a smart contract programming language. See the cadence introduction for why we chose it instead of other options.