A VSCode extension migration to Vim/NeoVim

Many members of our Dapp team are heavy Vim users, and we believe there will be a demand for vim support in the future, given the growing popularity of Flow and Cadence. We were starting to work on a vscode-cadence extension migration to Vim/Neovim with coc.nvim - coc-cadence, which supports nearly all VSCode’s extension’s functionalities. We will continue to maintain and improve it, and you are welcome to contribute issues and PRs.

I am from WhiteMatrix Tech Ltd., and one of our primary products is ChainIDE, a Cloud-Based Multi-Chain IDE. We are currently working on an integration to support Flow Cadence, which will be released in the near future. Follow us to get the latest news first.


Nice work, this looks great!

:grinning: Thanks.