Accounts and Contracts

The docs say each account has one contract. Do you generally have a bunch of accounts, or a contract that can handle multiple needs? For example we want to create a central vault to store NFTs, and have contracts that are used for transferring NFTs, as well as escrow style contracts for trading and staking NFTs on a game outcome.

The docs that say that each account has one contract is outdated. This has been changed and an account can have multiple contracts. Can you point me to the part of the docs where this hasn’t been updated?

I think the preferred way would be to have multiple smaller (easier to understand) contracts on one account.


I’m trying to build a Dapp - NFT generation from central wallet(Blocto) and provide an option to transfer NFT’s created on central wallet to other wallets(Blocto). But I’m facing issue with wallet authorization when transferring from central wallet to others wallet address. Please suggest how to achieve this. Thanks in advance.