Application sale

Hello ım new user flow . ım very happy here . ı have a new idea . maybe game aplication program aplication sale with flow . for example from apple store take aplication pay order with flow ? o game coin NBA2K pubg mobile call of duty mobile and amazon order pay with flow … thank for read this.

see you …

Hey! Hi! Welcome to the community! Thanks for sharing your ideas! What’s your skills? Are you a developer?

Thank you for answer .
ım Faruk . 25 years old . ım graduated sports managemet 4 year . ı live in İstanbul/TURKİYE . ı playing guitar :slight_smile: I like Develop Project idea . I like searching. I can work with the team. I usually review projects and make developer comments.I like to be critical.

(my english bad sorry ı hope undrestand you )
thanks for reading have good day .

Oh, that’s great! I think that the best way to start is understand very well how FLOW blockchain works and when you have an idea check the web for similar projects in order to take inspiration (or to just check if your idea already exists). Happy study! Have a nice day!

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