Cannot Access Flow Port via Ledger (1 week +)

I’ve lost access to for over a week now. Both types of nano wallets (v0.9.8 for X / 0.9.11 for S) - Current firmware on both (Nano X has not pushed the 2.0 to all, 1.2.4-5 it is for now).

I get this error for the Nano S
flow_261021 - Copy

And a “Your Flow app is out of date. Please update your Flow app to the latest version using Ledger Live” error for the Nano X.

Used most browsers type, new-usb flag is not present anymore on my Chrome versions (95.0.4638.69) on Windows 10 20H2.

Any leads as to how I can resolve would be appreciated

@JeffreyDoyle Do you have any ideas?

I don’t know if I’m alone in this issue, I can’t find many other similar reports online. My guesses are:

  • Recent Chrome code changes have messed with numerous project wallet integrations, more work for devs

  • Ledger’s 2.0.0 firmware roll out has run into issues and is being held back until 2.0.1 is ready for wider market - But Flow’s Ledger wallet is stuck without new firmware?

But to be locked out of my account for over 2 weeks is a major issue for me, I hope we can get someone from the team to offer advice hear asap

Firmware showed up now as available - Update has renewed access to my account :slightly_smiling_face:

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