Cannot update cadence to v0.16.1 with go-sdk

Hi Community,

EDIT: I managed to solve the issue by reinstalling go and all packages from scratch & remake go.mod and go.sum.

I updated the flow-go-sdk package to the latest version as there was a breaking change. However, now I get the following bug and cannot run any code whatsoever. I found this PR, but it has not been accepted yet. What can I do? It is critical for my team that we get the new version to run, because we cannot use our old code anymore because of the breaking change. Thanks in advance.

..\pkg\mod\\onflow\[email protected]\runtime\interpreter\decode.go:43:18: undefined: cbor.StreamDecoder
..\pkg\mod\\onflow\[email protected]\runtime\interpreter\decode.go:99:26: decMode.NewStreamDecoder undefined (type cbor.DecMode has no field or method NewStreamDecoder)
..\pkg\mod\\onflow\[email protected]\runtime\interpreter\decode.go:117:26: decMode.NewByteStreamDecoder undefined (type cbor.DecMode has no field or method NewByteStreamDecoder)
..\pkg\mod\\onflow\[email protected]\runtime\interpreter\decode.go:157:7: undefined: cbor.BoolType
..\pkg\mod\\onflow\[email protected]\runtime\interpreter\decode.go:164:7: undefined: cbor.TextStringType
..\pkg\mod\\onflow\[email protected]\runtime\interpreter\decode.go:171:7: undefined: cbor.NilType
..\pkg\mod\\onflow\[email protected]\runtime\interpreter\decode.go:178:7: undefined: cbor.ArrayType
..\pkg\mod\\onflow\[email protected]\runtime\interpreter\decode.go:181:7: undefined: cbor.TagType
..\pkg\mod\\onflow\[email protected]\runtime\interpreter\decode.go:348:21: undefined: cbor.WrongTypeError
..\pkg\mod\\onflow\[email protected]\runtime\interpreter\encode.go:199:19: undefined: cbor.StreamEncoder
..\pkg\mod\\onflow\[email protected]\runtime\interpreter\decode.go:348:21: too many errors

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