Capstone Project Guideline


Open World Builders bootcamp program aims to empower participants to build amazing crypto native products geared toward mainstream consumer scale. The capstone project allows teams to leverage lessons learned throughout this program and channel the knowledge into creating a proof-of-concept (PoC) product deliverable that could be potentially transformed into a fully fledged one.


You should think of the Capstone project as if you were a pre-seed stage team looking to launch a product into the real market (in this case crypto related). So your goal would be to gather marketing insights, analyze the current crypto landscape, create your initial product idea, iterate over your product value proposition via peers feedback and finally deploy a PoC application/service (either as a collection of smart contracts or fullstack dapp).

This is the reason why we strongly highly recommend forming teams with mix tracks (Technical and Product), because of the workload needed to accomplish market research, product idea iteration and actual development in Cadence are not to be taken lightly. If you are ever planning, one day, to launch any tech related product, those are the minimal steps that you and your potential teammates would have to go through.

We made OWB to be flexible and to avoid limiting personal creativity. For those reasons, we don’t want to force everyone to join a team just for the sake of it. In case you already had a product in mind you wanted to build out on Flow before joining OWB or if you strongly believe to have technical skills required to launch a PoC on Flow, in addition to handling market research and product validation steps, we would be open to solo-teams (composed of single member).

Our goal is to empower all you participants as much as possible, so if you strongly believe you can submit your Capstone project as a solo team, feel free to add your request in this post on the forum, with a brief reason to back your decision. As a solo team you would still need to assign a team ID to yourself on the Google sheet, which is needed for your project submission.


  • A Google Slide presentation deck highlighting the following points
    • Quick summary of your product offering
    • Landscape overview of what is already available (including competitors)
    • Potential value differentiator your product can bring
    • Go to market strategy and initial user base bootstrapping
    • Community engagement and value capture
  • PoC application submitted via a public repo with a detailed Readme documentation (all code and IPs, if any, will still be owned by you)
    • Smart contracts should be based on Cadence language (you are free to add anything else, like a frontend framework or backend service)
    • Code should be fairly commented for ease of reading and understanding
    • Readme should explain the use-case, methodology used to achieve that, how to deploy/run the app and related usage flow
  • A 5 minute recorded presentation of the product, the problem it is addressing and demoing the app

Submission - EXTENDED

Due to several requests all projects are now due at the end of Week 8, Friday, August 28. That means that everyone who was trying to reach the deadline for investor feedback now has an additional week.

As all presentations will be submitted via recorded video, along with code repo and slides, they will be initially reviewed by the Dapper Labs and Flow Team and selected projects will be passed on for investor feedback.

We will be sharing a git repo for each team to submit their code repository and a Google Drive folder to upload the recorded presentation and slides. Details on how to submit your code can be found here.

Certificate / Recognition

Each member / team that successfully completes the OWB program and submits a qualified Capstone project will receive a special limited edition NFT certifying the completion of the bootcamp. This NFT can be used as proof and participants will be able to add Flow OWB bootcamp as part of their resume and/or LinkedIn (if desired). Additionally, with the special NFT, participants will automatically become part of the Flow Ecosystem Builder group, which will grant future access to many Flow related services, potential users activation/onboarding support for your product or special events.


To double check, submitting fully working app is not compulsory as long as it has functioning smart contract? How do we demo only smart contracts? Just running Flow playground transactions and scripts are enough?

yes, it could be just smart contracts logic that the team demo via Playground or local emulator. Ofc the less the technical side, the more content is required on the presentation deck side in terms of product narrative, market research, competitor and feasibility analysis.

The goal is to mimic the real entrepreneurial world, where teams have different strengths but have all equal chance of telling a product story/pitch. We are giving the opportunity to pitch the idea and receive feedback from real investors, so hopefully everyone will take max advantage of the program :slight_smile: