Checking limited/rare goods for genuinity

Hey, I have an idea to create product to check limited good’s genuinity. We might need to create a NFT for each product and place a bar code/QR code on the product with some specific code to be able to check if this product’s genuinity.

The open questions are:

  • Algorithm to check genuinity
  • QR code format

What do you think, guys?

Regarding checking originality, QR codes can be copied so they are not a guarantee of uniqueness.
As an alternative, RFID/NFC tags that can sign messages with onbaord cryptographic keys are more secure but as with all electronics they will eventually stop working. I’ve seen physical prints of rare art sold with the private key of the account hodling just that NFT sealed in an envelope, but this still doesn’t guarantee control if the item is sold (the previous owner might have peeked).

But assuming QR codes, a DID with or without a resolver URL might be good. The document would contain enough details to identify the item. And it could be scanned to assert (but not prove) handling of the item as well as to check (but not prove) its asserted provenance.