Collectable Travel Tokens

This is just a thought, any feedback would be appreciated!

My idea is about a nontransferable token that can be obtained by traveling. We can gather the needed information about the main attractions (in tourist areas from the people in the area) to make these tokens. The tokens will show where you have traveled, and you can complete achievements. You can also challenge your friends to travel as well or go with them for adventure. To make the tokens unique they can have dates and times on them as well as some emblem on the back such as the persons avatar or an option of the sun’s position in the sky or the lunar phase at the time.

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Great idea!

A few days back, this idea came to my mind where one can partner with a travel company for this game “Treasure Hunt” :compass: where you earn an NFT after reaching a destination along with a clue about next NFT (next destination) and so on until you reach the final destination and become the great explorer of the world (earning a treasure :coffin:). There will be a global leaderboard where one can see who’s on which level. This game can be set on the national level as well as on the global level. This can be played individually or in teams. Thus engaging mainstream users and travel communities. :desert_island: :stadium: :statue_of_liberty: :tokyo_tower:

let’s assume someone visits Egypt. He gets this NFT where some words are written in ancient language/hieroglyphs. So he must translate that language to decode his clue :mag:

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Cool ideas! You might check out what has been with geocaching ( as one sort of model of treasure hunts/location-specific tokens. Currently, to my knowledge, the tokens are only small physical ones (that can be left for others to find at the location) and digital “badges” that you can see on a phone app, etc. that you use. I think making actual NFTs to mark the different hunts/destinations would be a step-up to make it feel like it was something you truly owned and to allow you to curate and display the assets in what ever ways you want.

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