Connecting to mainnet

What endpoint do i use to connect to mainnet? I have tried the following but get connection failed or refused…

.put(‘accessNode.api’, ‘’);

.put(‘accessNode.api’, ‘’);

.put(‘accessNode.api’, ‘’);

The endpoint should be

Does that not work for you?

I have the same problem. This code snipped

  .send([sdk.getLatestBlock(true)]), {
    node: "",
  .then((data: any) => console.log(data));

causes this error:

UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Response closed without headers

but works fine with
sdk version: 0.0.44

EDIT: i just i can use the go sdk to connect to mainnet, just the js sdk doesnt work

@akrahl @guitarcrazy44 please make sure you are connecting to as it is the only endpoint that supports requests coming from fcl library.

I’m currently connected to, but I’m not seeing any TopShot transactions pass through via the script property of the transaction. Can you enlighten me?

I’m now seeing them. Not exactly sure what changed, but they’re appearing now.