Create a new flow wallet

(two part question)

  1. I am building a mobile application where I would like to ask the user to log in with an existent flow wallet with a PK or seed phrase.

  2. And also would like to have other option to “create new wallet” in the case of the user not having a flow address.

How can I achieve this? Is it possible for me to create a new Flow wallet for a new user?

I am just starting to build on flow and have ethereum experience only.

Thank you

Have you checked out FCL (Flow Client Library)? It shows how to interact with a wallet on Flow that is FCL compatible

Also you can check out Blocto wallet that supports Flow, which has a nice tutorial too Tutorial - Blocto

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Hey @jnuno98

Ignore this if I am mistaken but… the questions you are asking above tell me there are some misconceptions or misunderstandings regarding how accounts work on the Flow block chain. I would highly recommend reading this post: So, How Are Accounts on Flow Different from Accounts on Ethereum? | Decentology by lovely people at Decentology about how Flow accounts are different to Ethereum accounts. Many people have these sorts of misunderstandings regarding Flow accounts, especially if they are coming from an Ethereum world, so you are definitely not alone in the line of thinking you were going down, but you will have all sorts of issues if you continue down it with Flow.

As @unlocked mentioned you are probably looking for FCL, it will allow you to support multiple wallets with out you needing to do any work on your end. You can see it in action at:

I did a stream a while back where I configured a web app to use FCL here: (Raw) Lets Build - Decentralized Web Application - Project FVS - Part 1 - YouTube


Thank you for your answer, I was a bit confused when made the post , but after checking your discord have now understood better.

What I want to do will be ideal with FCL, by using blocto for now as it is the only mobile wallet.

thank you!

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thank you! that was exactly what I was looking for!!


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