Creating Dapp using DappStarter has issues with yarn start

I am following the tutorial TryCrypto DappStarter Workshop - Scaffolding Full-Stack Dapp (around min 15) and the yarn start just runs until it times out.

Never opens anything.

I saw he used node generate stage flow-nft with another project, but I don’t know how he got to that point, as the second project seems to have completely different files than the initial one.

Has anyone had this project before?
Do I need to create a react app or something? Or download the dapstarter CLI?


This is happening as a result of an update in Flow’s CLI. We (the Decentology team) are working on updating DappStarter ASAP. The newest version should be released by tomorrow :slight_smile:

Also ‒ you’re right, DappStarter has changed quite a bit since that video recording. The readme will always have up-to-date instructions for getting the project running locally!

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So if I make a new project using dappstarter after the update, it should work fine?
And the tutorial is still valid, right?