Delegation Bug Disclosure - March 5, 2021

Hey folks,

Earlier this week we took a special action with the Flow Service Account to update a Node’s ID. This change was undertaken to support a node operator cycling the account they were staking with. This change was low risk but, unfortunately, an error was made when we updated the Node ID which caused accounts which delegated to that node to have their stake sent to the Flow Service Account. The FLOW being sent to the Flow Service Account is the safety behaviour of the network incase an issue like this arises so that we can safely return your FLOW to you.

Only the following accounts were affected by this. Here is a list of the affected addresses:


We sincerely apologize for this mistake. All impacted accounts have had their FLOW returned to them.

As this was a human mistake and not a bug in the smart contract, no other users should be impacted.

Please feel free to reach directly to the Flow team about this if you have any questions or concerns - you can reach us at [email protected].

Thank you all for your understanding as we work through these issues.

Your partners in crossing the chasm,

the Flow team