Dev in the US

Having worked through some of the tutorials, I’ve got to say I’m pretty excited about Flow. But was surprised to see I couldn’t purchase any in the US.

Am I going to have a problem creating a custom marketplace if I’m working from the US? (Note: due to the restrictions, not from a code perspective - confident in that space)

It is true you might have some restrictions if you are planning to accept only FLOW as payment for your marketplace. That would exclude North American retail users as of now. One clarification is that as a US person, you can definitely build apps on top of Flow. You could leverage FLOW you earn via marketplace fee to cover on-chain operational costs (like account creation fee, transaction fee in the future) but restricted from liquidating to USD. Though don’t take it as legal advice and always best to ask a lawyer for safety.

On a separate note, it has been recently announced the stablecoin FUSD that is already available on Testnet and coming soon to mainnet that would address that issue. You can find more info in the docs here FUSD Stablecoin on Flow Testnet - Flow Documentation