Digital NFT Picture/Art Frame

This idea is very rough, feel free to add to it. How do most people currently display their NFTs? Smartphones and computers? I think it would be nice to have a digital picture frame of various sizes that could display your NFT. I am not sure that the digital picture frames on the market can currently do this. It would be worth doing further research about (as I do not own one). Regardless, if you spent a $100 or more on an NFT whether it is art, Cryptokitties, etc. it would be nice to display it somewhere prominent in your home. I would prefer that as opposed to needing to open my phone and NFT wallet to show somebody each time. Maybe a piece of hardware needs to be specifically branded for displaying NFTs. The challenge I see is making this frame affordable. Anyways let me know what you think! Thanks!


I think that an easy and attractive method of displaying NFTs is definitely something that people who loves their NFTs would want. You might want to check out this medium post from nigtfygateway

While this isn’t a device or picture frame as your idea suggests, it’s an example of one method of displaying NFTs.

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I think most collectors have dabbled in a few projects (at least) so a place to view all NFT’s in the condition they are viewed on their home app would be awesome.

That link kattielorrie posted is pretty cool.

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Nice article thanks for sharing. Yes, it looks like they have an app to display the NFT on your TV or tablet. They also mentioned that they are working to create custom tablet display kits.

Some teams are working on this, NOT FLOW I believe on Ethereum.

Hey SatoshiKong, I would be interested to have a chat with you. Sorry, I have just registered and don’t know the platform, can we DM each other?

Hi All, Really glad to see a blogpost regarding this, as I am NFT fans I was thinking for days about whats going on with this. Would glad to speak with some more about it.

Hello everybody ! I’ve been thinking about this project for days and just ended up in this thread. I’d happy to hear out about your ideas and discuss this project with you ! DM me :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone!

Happy to have stumbled into this thread… our company helps collectors build a gallery in the Metaverse (crypto voxels). It’s an ETH based sandbox world you own digital properties. Happy to discuss the following, how much I’ve made thus far buying selling digital properties, viewing of my own collection of NFTs and our plans in 2021.

One Example. First property I purchased, first nft.[email protected],271S

Lmk if you’d like to connect.


That’s really neat.

It seems like it’s already too late to get in on the ground floor though. It’s certainly not cheap with properties starting at 0.5 ETH.

Hi everyone!!!

Yes, I’d like to connect. I checked out your link on my phone and I like the idea of creating a gallery in the metaverse.

I just found and not sure how to DM ppl.

I would like to connect with ppl who want to create ways to display NFTs.

When someone purchases my NFTs I offer them as metal prints with QR Code which directs to purchasers NFT in their collection and numbered also if part of a few editions

As a NFT fans, at this moments, I think there are some common ways of displaying NFTs medias, either on-device or on-line (PC, phone)

If you want to display NFTs galleries on-Deivce, you can select the following devices by display size,
Infinite Objects 7” displays
Mono X7 17.3-inch display
Qonos 17.3-inch display wallmount

If you want to display NFTs galleries On-line, you can review it on PC, phone, you can visit following websites
OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace online today to display your crypto art collection.
Showtime wants to position itself as the first NFT social network and is doing a pretty great job so far.
Lazy is a new entry in the crypto art space, Lazy is an online NFT art gallery.

If you are an NFT media artist or designer or content owner, you want to develop or customize your own Art display device, you can work with,
Lenovo Group is operational headquarters in Beijing, China, The company designs, develops, manufactures, and sells pc, tablet and smartphones.
TCL Technology is a Chinese multinational electronics company headquartered in Huizhou.
Framemory Technology is the the largest digital photo frame OEM ODM manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China.

If you want to access the NFT wallet contents
Portfolio Tracker – From Dapp Radar

Also this post will be helpful, A beginner’s guide to NFTs

I have some factory resources for the Digital Frame and I’m personally an art lover. I’m kind of thinking of it as well can we get in touch? [email protected]