Ethereum vs Flow

I’ve skimmed the white papers, and if I read well Flow and Ethereum are different implementations. I see that Flow is also using Go and there is some relation with CryptoKitties, but I suppose for the rest they are really separate platforms and implementations?

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@jarumski Yes, they are completely separate blockchains.

I’m reading and looking interviews about crypto and there blockchains. One that caught my attentions is Polkadot with their parachains, as I read in your technical papers you are also more into spliting up things. A good analogy of this architectural pattern is separation of concerns. Do you have anywhere a paper that does the comparison between flow (and underlying structure) and other chains like e.g. polkadot, tezos, etc?

@jarumski I don’t believe that anyone has written a paper like that yet, but we’ll make sure we let the community know if something like that gets written!

Does something like rarible or opensea exists with flow blockchain? tx.