FCL wallet & Email

Hey everyone,
quick question - if users on our platform are using Blocto wallet (via FCL) to sign up/in (like here https://www.motogp-ignition.com ), can we fetch their e-mail address and store it in our DB?
In the docs, it says it is not supported yet:
“…With FCL, you will eventually be able to: - Request Additional User info like Emails…”
Flow JavaScript SDK - Flow Documentation

hey @dh77 !

Great question. Currently, I don’t believe that feature is available yet. As the documentation states, it’s an upcoming feature that the team is working on. Be on the lookout though!

Tnx @kimcodeashian - actually, it is available - you get a response object during authentication which contains the email (among other things)

Oh - nice! Thanks for clearing that up! :+1: @dh77

it is available but soon will be gone I guess.