Fiat Payments

Goodmorning devs!

I’m working on a custom marketplace, implemented the access to the wallets throw the @onflow/fcl (Just copy-pasted the kitty-items repository :wink: ).

I think that for the success of the marketplace I should give the ability to buy NFT with fiat, just like in NBA top shot.

I searched here and I found this question of July 2020. Are there new updates on this or some standard examples to take in consideration?

If not, can we just brainstorm on the best ways to do that?

Have a good day!

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This is not really an answer to your question, but maybe the dapper wallet is an option? They have a fiat on-ramp, which saves you a lot of work.

Not sure if that’s possible though :see_no_evil:

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Thank you, I have just checked again how Dapper works and it looks like it’s the best solution.
But, right now, it looks like it’s limited to the nbats ecosystem.
On VIV3 for example you can only deposit FLOW, it generates a personal flow-address. But for a non-familiar-to-blockchain user it could be a struggle finding a good exchange to buy FLOW with fiat, then send them to the address on VIV3.

So, if I have a ready-to-market marketplace with my custom NFTs, how can I integrate Dapper with the fiat payments? Is it possible or should I make something more similar to VIV3?

Just imagine I want to deploy a working marketplace tomorrow and make it public.


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@fabius Dapper is working on integrating with FCL and opening up so that other apps can use it, but that possibility isn’t quite ready yet. The Dapper team is working on it and will definitely make it very clear when they make this possible in many different channels. :slight_smile:


Awesome! As soon as we will have updates I will update this topic with a new reply

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Josh, do you have a timeline for when Dapper Wallet with fiat onramp capability will be available? We’re working on a marketplace and this is obviously a key necessity.

I don’t think Dapper has a timeline for that yet, but it is one of their highest priorities.

When when when? I think this is critical!

Dapper doesn’t have a timeline, but they are working really hard on it