FLIP 66 - Revisiting Flow storage minimum account balance

Hey, is there an update you can share?

It was very promising to finally see some quality engagement from Flow with its community, would be great to keep the momentum going!

Hi everyone, brief update - we’ll soon be publishing the next FLIP (revisiting transaction fees) so folks could review, discuss and vote on the two FLIPs together. Thanks for your patience, and look forward to your continued participation :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, thanks for your critical feedback on this proposal. We are now taking this proposal live for on-chain voting and democratic deliberation by the community. Please cast your vote on CAST between today and 05/22 (until 22.00 UTC). Reach out to me on discord (KshitijChaudhary-FLOW#8777) or here on forum if you have any questions regarding casting a vote. Thanks for helping shape the economics and future of Flow!

Should we highlight this matter on Discord and Twitter?
I think it’s important, but there are few people here.

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Highlighted in Telegram groups, should be better to announce it in discord & TG announcement channels.

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Hi everyone, after careful consideration, we decided to postpone the two Tokenomics proposals. In the interest of ensuring a well-informed and inclusive decision-making process, we believe the community would benefit from additional dialog. I’ll be in touch soon regarding next steps and seek your feedback. Thanks for participating in the economics and future of Flow!

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