FLOW for Americans - Trade for 3 FLOW

Hi Everyone -

So I am starting a small (short-term) business idea to buy FLOW for Americans as I have seen a need for it.

Idea : American customers could send ADA or DOT to my Kraken wallet, I purchase them FLOW and return the purchased FLOW for a small fee.

Alert: Now, I know this is exactly how a lot of people get scammed, so I was thinking of having a running forum on here to build trust in the market.

Example: Someone wants 80 FLOW, they send my enough to buy 83 FLOW, I keep 3, and they get their 80.

I’m willing to speak with creators of FLOW to establish some kind of authenticity but figured it would be a way for me to make some extra cash through transaction fees. I make 3 FLOW a transaction, and people without access can purchase FLOW.

Again - just a business idea as I saw a need but realize this is a dangerous game.

I think Americans (and other countries where it’s not possible to buy FLOW) are able to buy FLOW by just using a proxy, isn’t it?

Something like a VPN? People could do that also, but my target audience would be people who don’t care to use a proxy. I would offer it easily. Not looking to move millions, but maybe help some people while earning a profit. This whole idea popped up because I see a lot of people on Twitter complaining they can’t get the token.

If you know about the history of Bitcoin, what you are describing is exactly what people go to jail for. That’s how crypto exchanges start, they fill a need … That’s how Mt.Gox started, BitInstant and the rest. Filling the need you just described.

I’ve seen the same as you on twitter and everywhere else, but just because there is a need doesn’t mean it needs to be filled. I thought about the same thing as you but then I actually thought about it, and when I really thought about it, it didn’t seem like such a great idea.

My opinion, the money is not worth the risk. If someone really wants something, they’ll figure out how to get it on their own.

Whoa, highly appreciate that response, I didn’t consider the nefarious piece to this puzzle. I figured I would have to worry about documentation for tax purposes but didn’t consider this could be laundering.

Yeah, admin, you can close this down I’m good.

Thanks for the heads up.