Flow Mainnet Spork on 2021-12-08 08:00am PT

Hello dear node operators,

We will be sporking the Flow Mainnet on 2021-12-08 08:00am PT going from Mainnet-14 to Mainnet-15. The Flow access nodes will be turned off during that time. Once the spork is complete, at around 11AM PT, we will post another message here and announce on Discord requesting you to start your nodes.

Please make sure you have subscribed for updates on https://forum.onflow.org/c/mainnet-sporks.

We will be carrying over your keys from the current spork, hence there is no need to resubmit the keys.

Flow Port Staking Downtime During Spork

We’d also like to note that Flow Port will be inaccessible during the duration of this spork, and staking features will be disabled until 8am Pacific Time on 12/9/21.

ACTIONS needed from your side on **2021-12-08 **:

  • Proceed to Step 3 here and start your node when you see the announcement “Mainnet Spork Complete” on the forum or Discord from us.

As always, feel free to email us or message us on discord.

Release notes: https://github.com/onflow/flow-go/releases/tag/v0.23.3