Getting Started -- Looking to build "study group"

Hi everyone,

I’m getting started on Cadence and figured it would be easier to learn if I was part of a group that held each other accountable on progress + served as a resource for questions, issues, etc.

If you’re interested, comment below and I’ll reach out to everyone individually to get contact info.

Let’s do this!


Hi David! It sounds interesting!

What’s your Cadence level?

It’s about a week that I have been studying it and right now I’m playing with kitty-items repository.
Let’s keep in touch!



Thanks for getting back to me! I am novice but am eager to learn and plan on spending a good amount of time on it over the weekend.

Do you have an email for which I can use to reach you? I’ll follow-up via that to get in touch.

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Hi David :slight_smile:

Your study group sounds fun to me, too!

Also I’m a Cadence-beginner and I just finished Hello World tutorial on Flow Playground. I’ll leave my email, so we can discuss it further.

mailto: [email protected]

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Hi @davidfrice , great idea, I’m interested and I like to be part of this learning journey :slightly_smiling_face:

I have created a study group

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Hi David, great idea! How has the group learning been so far? Will join the discord channel

I’m in :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey David,

Wanted to check in and see how the study group was going.

Is the study group still active? I’d like to join.

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Awesome seeing interest in a study group! If you want to learn Cadence in a guided way w/ a huge community of learners - Check out Fast Floward! A bootcamp held by our friends at Decentology.

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