How can I create a production grade FCL wallet

Good day everyone, I’m building a NFT market place on the Flow blockchain. I would like to know how I can build a wallet compatible with FCL. Any contribution would be highly appreciated.

@Oluwatob-i Welcome to the Flow community! It is awesome that you are working on this. We definitely need more wallets for Flow. I would start with the FCL docs:Flow JavaScript SDK - Flow Documentation

It also might be useful to talk to the Blocto people. They have some experience. :slight_smile:

Hey @Oluwatob-i , I’m also looking for the same. Have you found anything? Please let me know. Thanks ! :relaxed:

@Oluwatob-i @Kartik In the #flow-javascript channel on discord can you ping me @qvvg (Not DM) and say you want to make an fcl compatible wallet.

It’s not particularly straight forward right now and the available docs are really rough and a bit outdated but I can definitely get you on the right path.