How to buy FLOW in the US?

Me (based in Oregon) and my friend (based in Toronto) can’t buy FLOW. Is there a way and if not, when and where will it be available to buy in the United States or Canada? Coinbase imminent? Thanks.

token was used to raise capital I assume for the dapper team and thus may be considered a security, once the network is more active and becomes more decentralized I can assume it will be available for us. Maybe a year from now?

Its already on Kraken which is a US-based exchange the

Gotta love our SEC / Finra how much they do to “protect” us consumers! (sarcasm)

I live in Europe, so I would consider myself a lucky one.

I was thinking, if someone would build a bridge between Flow and ETH, wouldn’t it be possible to have tradable wrapped Flow?
I don’t know if it is legally and technically possible to get flow in this way on e.g. uniswap.

you can buy from huobi exchange

saw this


Can you buy flow tokens in europe??

Yes, via Kraken. (sorry for the late reply)

am I missing something - I can’t seem to find it on kraken when I search from my account, but the link above works :face_with_raised_eyebrow: - in the US