How to check network status

Yesterday, I have faced with a fact, that the testnet is unavailable for all kind of operations like singin/up etc. Ok, but today I see that testnet is partially up, I’m able to run scripts. But any transactions fails.

Status page says that testnet is unavailable.

When I’m trying to check status using cli flow status --network testnet, I see that network is OK.

At moment I’m able to get user account, his tokens etc, but can’t execute any transactions. I got a transaction ID and wait while transaction has been sealed, but it is endless process.

There are any straight way to check network availability?

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Sorry for the inconvenience! Your best bet right now is to use the website. We’re working on improving the site and CLI to provide better error messages so it is more clear. Do you think you could create an issue in the CLI repo about this? Issues · onflow/flow-cli · GitHub