How to create a utility token on the Flow network?


I’m new to the Flow ecosystem. So forgive me for basic level questions. Currently, I’m doing research for the project, which aims to build a platform for loyalty programs and beyond, which will be operating on its own utility token.

Still doing basic recon regarding the networks: Polkadot, Flow, Cosmos. To find out, which protocol fits the best for this project.

I trued, but I have issues with finding answers to my questions, which they touching two topics.

a. defining the right path to build an MVP
b. building proper cost structure

The general idea is to build a platform that bonds future token value with the value generated by the loyalty programs and exchanges of gathered tokens into rewards. Token, will be also available for exchange on DEX’s…

Having said that…
What I need to create a token, on the Flow network, and how much it will cost to maintain it?

What are the other costs attached to the Flow network, that needs to be taken into account before the project starts?
Are there any resources, people, events that can help me to find the answers?

Thank you and a appreciate your help!

The cost of creating a token is very low.
Here you can understand the basic concept of Flow: Storing Data on Flow - Flow Documentation

Thank you!