How to listen all events using JS sdk

Hi All,

I am trying to read events from nbatopshot contracts but getting some error

I have refered this link for events — FAQ #2 - How to get a list of events?

But still I am getting error
Error: failed to get events: could not look up block: key not found

My Sample Code is given below –

const main = async () => {

const latestBlock = await fcl.send(await[sdk.getLatestBlock()]), {
node, // mainnet link

const height = latestBlock.block.height;

const eventType = ‘A.0x0b2a3299cc857e29.TopShot.PlayCreated’;

const response = await fcl.send(
await[sdk.getEvents(eventType, 0, height)]),
{ node } // mainnet link


I have refered also referred this

But unable to understand
From where i will get startBlock and endblock values

Can any one please provide me with sample example