Instituting Technical Working Group - Flow Token Economics

Introduction to the Technical Working Group

Flow — the decentralized, public, layer-one blockchain designed for building Web3 experiences for mainstream users — is launching a Technical Working Group (TWG) to focus on enhancing FLOW token economics. The working group will be responsible for researching, discussing, and implementing improvements to the economic design of Flow’s native token, FLOW, and its use-cases, with a focus on driving network security, decentralization and FLOW’s value proposition. The group will be open to experts in blockchain, economics, mathematics, game theory, data analytics, marketing, and related fields, who will work closely with the community to ensure that decisions are data-driven, technically sound, and aligned with the goals of the Flow community.

Roles & Responsibilities

Specifically, the group will analyze challenges, design innovative solutions, and constantly engage and educate the community, as summarized below:

  • Analyze: Examine Flow blockchain data, conduct user surveys, and gather community feedback to delineate the key problem areas in Flow token economics.
  • Innovate: Propose feasible changes to the Flow protocol, governance mechanisms, and other related aspects that lead to improved economic design, promote decentralization, and contribute to the long-term success of the Flow ecosystem.
  • Engage: Gather community feedback, ensure all proposed changes are aligned with the needs and values of the Flow community, and educate the community about any outstanding issues and solutions.


The constitution and governance of the TWG will be designed to ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability.

  • Tenets: Overall, the TWG will prioritize inclusivity, transparency, accountability, innovation, and decentralization.
  • Membership: Voluntary and open to all, anyone with the necessary skills and expertise — including representatives from the Flow Foundation, developers, researchers, community members, and industry experts — will be eligible to join the group.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Areas of responsibility, including key tasks, timelines and deliverables, will be clearly defined and communicated to ensure transparency.
  • Decision-making: A consensus-based decision-making process will be used, with all members sharing equal voting rights and decisions made democratically.
  • Meetings: Regular meetings, open to all members, will be held to discuss progress, share ideas, and make decisions.
  • Documentation: All decisions, discussions, and outcomes will be documented to ensure transparency and accountability. Meeting minutes, decision logs, and progress reports will be shared with all members to keep everyone informed.
  • Review and Evaluation: The TWG will periodically review and evaluate its progress — including gathering community feedback — to ensure that the objectives are being met.

Nominating Members

The entire Flow community is eligible to nominate members of the TWG, and can do so by filling out the nomination form. The nomination should include a brief description of the nominee’s qualifications, experience, and skills, along with a statement of support from the nominator. The TWG will periodically review nominations and make decisions based on the nominee’s qualifications and the group’s needs.

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we can do it better, if you want FLOW better.
make invester happy, it’s blockchain, we must do a lot for small invester.

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Thanks @zani. FLIPs to increase transaction fee and storage pricing were recently published to drive improved economics of the FLOW token; have a look - FLIP 74 - Revisiting Flow Transaction Fee and FLIP 66 - Revisiting Flow storage minimum account balance. More recommendations coming soon!

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