Invalid key type for account emulator-account

Hi all, I’m following this introduction to NFT marketplaces using Flow and managed to initialize my project, generate my keys, and write the minting contract. When I run the following command

flow transactions send pinata-party/transactions/MintPinataParty.cdc --signer emulator-account -f ./flow.json

I get the error

Invalid key type for account emulator-account

My flow.json file looks like this:

	"emulators": {
		"default": {
			"port": 3569,
			"serviceAccount": "emulator-account"
	"contracts": {
		"PinataPartyContract": "~/pinata-party/cadence/contracts/PinataPartyContract.cdc"
	"networks": {
		"emulator": "",
		"mainnet": "",
		"testnet": ""
	"accounts": {
		"emulator-account": {
		   "address": "f8d6e0586b0a20c7",
		   "privateKey": "47b4b93e4b082f9cbc343ed29628b3db98588b3244b1a96cd7fef9377dc1912b",
		   "chain": "flow-emulator",
		   "sigAlgorithm": "ECDSA_P256",
		   "hashAlgorithm": "SHA3_256"
	"deployments": {
		"emulator": {
			 "emulator-account": ["PinataPartyContract"]

and the contract looks like this:

import PinataPartyContract from 0xf8d6e0586b0a20c7

transaction {
  let receiverRef: &{PinataPartyContract.NFTReceiver}
  let minterRef: &PinataPartyContract.NFTMinter

  prepare(acct: AuthAccount) {
      self.receiverRef = acct.getCapability<&{PinataPartyContract.NFTReceiver}>(/public/NFTReceiver)
          ?? panic("Could not borrow receiver reference")        
      self.minterRef = acct.borrow<&PinataPartyContract.NFTMinter>(from: /storage/NFTMinter)
          ?? panic("could not borrow minter reference")

  execute {
      let metadata : {String : String} = {
          "name": "The Big Swing",
          "duration": "11", 
          "creator": "Matahi Drollet",
          "category": "Sports",
          "last_owner": "Matahi Drollet",
          "uri": "ipfs://QmVQxruUF2BRoN4tDHaxs7DFom9gcy1hNTkFd5h9CMY53M"
      let newNFT <- self.minterRef.mintNFT()
      self.receiverRef.deposit(token: <-newNFT, metadata: metadata)

      log("NFT Minted and deposited to Account 2's Collection")

Any help is much appreciated.