Kitty Items has been Upgraded!

Kitty Items has been upgraded. It’s now a true p2p NFT marketplace!

:sparkles: We’ve added a simple block-polling service that listens for marketplace events and aggregates sale offers to all users of the app!
Along with this major update, the new version should be much easier to work with:

  • Reduced environment config
  • Simplified resource bootstrapping
  • New Testnet Faucet integration
  • New deployment and contract upgrade workflow using updated CLI
  • Refactored and simplified API services

(Note: some changes have been made to the original contracts. If you’d like to use this version off the app with accounts you’ve already deployed, you’ll need to upgrade those contracts)


Damn! Love that! Had the february repository on local and this update improved my workflow with a 1000% leverage. Love the renaming and simplification of the project dirs. It’s so smooth that I’d like to own it as a NFT :nerd_face:

old one

new one

P.S. squary is the name of my new kitty-items-based project, gonna drop it soon! Wish me luck flowers!