Kitty Items marketplace demo dapp


We’d like to share our project to help others get started building on Flow. Kitty Items are Flow NFTs for CryptoKitties! It’s a work in progress but you can look at our repos for code examples with FCL, Cadence and the js-sdk.

Our aim is to demonstrate current best practices for structuring and writing Flow dapps as we build this feature in public for CryptoKitties.

Marketplace testnet demo:

Contracts & backend

  • Contracts, transactions and scripts for Items marketplace
  • Sending transactions with the js-sdk
  • Fetch and process events from Flow with the js-sdk

React dapp

  • FCL auth & interactions

Feel free to take from it as needed, contribute or fork it for your next NFT/FT project.



Thats cool, and its really helpful for developer to start building DApps with Flow and Cadence :smiley:


Thanks for the great demo app! I’m really learning a lot from this code.

Do you have any plans to implement the purchase feature on the web (and the worker’s features associated with it)?


@qvvg might have additional info on that and related timeline

Purchasing is now implemented :heart_eyes_cat:


I guess I need to do a lot of reading and catch up

As of 3/10/21, the Flow Testnet Faucet does not work, and I cannot complete the tutorial. /: I probably submitted to the Testnet Faucet around a dozen times. I tried all sorts of weird ways to format the public key. I’ve tried a couple of different emails. I haven’t gotten anything back. If I am lucky, it’s only because Flow has just become so popular that the servers are backlogged, in which case it’ll resolve itself by tomorrow (hopefully).

Does anybody have any knowledge of what might be causing this?

I think I have the same issue. I tried to implement the project with a different token name and its doesn’t work. The API un throws exceptions when trying to read block from the Testnet.