[LF Game Dev] Post Apocalyptic Scavenger Crafter / Zombie Breeder & Tower Defence - Feedback Appreciated

I’m reposting this thread as the original idea evolved greatly.

Executive Summary
In a post apocalyptic world you either struggle for survival or struggle for fresh brains. A scavenger, crafter game and a zombie breeder game on blockchain. With tower defense / reverse tower defense with the tokenised weapons / zombies.
Zombies, special materials and weapons would be collected as NFTs with their own rarities and functions, perhaps somewhat similar to the genome idea of CryptoKitties. The player would play as the zombie overlord or leader of survivors. The specifics will have to be ironed out as we go along and discuss more.

human side
Ideally, players would initially go on scavenge missions to uncover goods. Some missions will be free, but mainly they will have to pay a small fee. Loot would take the form of either readily usable items such as weapons or consumables, or otherwise crafting material like energy cells or scrap metal. Crafting and building would be an integral part of the game, where the rarest and most valuable materials will be NFTs. Payers would be able to cooperate and trade for resources, as well as use up resources to produce new items or maintain their structures. Trading and cooperation would produce greater yields and new resources.

zombie side
The “goods” would consists of biomass, new genetic variants, new types of primitive weapons

It’s a choice between being a Survivors leader or Zombie overlord. Which boils down to choosing between.

  1. Scavenging, Crafting with tower defense
  2. Zombie Breeding with reverse tower defense
    We are going to find out what resonates better

Also interesting would be to explore the idea of allowing players to play both human and zombie sides. Maybe further on the players would scavenge for resources, new genetic code and body parts, grow crops, herd, animals, build shelters, infrastructure and equipment.
And then a little bit later on, they can unlock the other perspective and be able to play as both. That way we can have both tower defence and anti-tower defence, kind of similar to games like Clash of Clans I guess?

Other of chain games like an actual shooter or on chain arcade to acquire resources.

We are looking for
We are looking for people from the technical track with game dev experience.

And perpetually looking for feedback!!!

If you are interested, please reach out to Mieszko on discord at yellow#2936.


I like the idea of the tower defense/reverse tower defense! How much of this game do you plan on implementing as smart contracts and as a traditional application?

Our initial focus is on the blockchain, so it should be viable with minimal frontend ie. without the TD game, yet designed with that off-chain game in mind. What we at this time want to put on the chain is

  • NFTs:
    • zombies
    • weapons/towers
    • rare resources
  • Contracts:
    • zombie breeding / weapon crafting
    • NFTs direct trading
    • (likely later on) a marketplace

In the beginning we would also limit ourselves to a single side only.