Locating contracts

Is there a way to locate contracts? I’m interested in following attack on titan legacy as it develops on flow, and have located the main contract at A.e2e1689b53e92a82.AttackOnTitanLegacy. If there is a different location for the code governing the market, how would I find that without knowing its name?

Would it be similar to Top Shot being located at A.0b2a3299cc857e29.TopShot and Top Shot market v3 being located at A.0xc1e4f4f4c4257510.TopShotMarketV3? If so, how do i find the market location for AttackOnTitanLegacy?


Hi there - what do you mean market location?

Easiest way to locate contracts is through the address they’re deployed from. Currently, there’s no directory of contracts so I would advise to check their community platforms, website, or sending an email inquiring the smart contract.