Market Maker Token (MMT)

[NOTE] This is variant of Personal token yield farming idea I posted earlier.


MMT allows whales to create their own personal tokens which they can use to incentivise trading with them such as trade discount, rev share, referral fee etc.

Target users

  • Collectors who own large set of NBATopshot NFTs (aka whales) and constantly seeking to buy/sell tokens.

How does it work?


Let’s say whale A is a big fan of Brooklyn Nets and he is particularly interested in collecting moment of Spencer Dinwiddie.

The basic minting rules.

The whale A can setup “Brooklyn Nets” trading market where sellers/buyers of Nets card can receive $WhaleA token in the following condition.

Mint 1 $WhaleA token per dollar traded.

So, if a user B buys one item at $30 from $WhaleA, then the user B receives 1x30 = 30 $WhaleA tokens.

Extra variables

You can give any extra rules as follows.

  • 1 $WhaleA token per dollar sold by me.
  • 1.5 $WhaleA token per dollar I bought.
  • 1.8 $WhaleA token per dollar I bought if it’s the moment by Spencer Dinwiddie.
  • 0.1 $WhaleA token per dollar if someone else buy/sell moment from me (aka referral)

Setting up benefits of the token

If $WhaleA token has no benefits, no one cares. You can set the following incentive schemes using your $WhaleA token.

  • Trade discount for certain items
  • Revenue share of the trade profit
  • Voting right about the minting and trade reward policy

Open questions.

  • Current model has no consideration of token supply. Should it have any?
  • Current model has no staking based on duration. Should it add any?

Some token incentive inspirations

  • Whale tokens give revenue share of NFTs he owns to his $WHALE token holders.
  • Synthetic inflation model dilutes SNX holders who don’t participate in their liquidity mining program.
  • Synthetic gave away tokens to other market (Uniswap sETH/ETH) pool to increase the volume.


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