MMA memorabilia collector - UFC x Flow NFT

Hi everyone,

New to the community. The announcement of ufc x flow collaboration brought me here. I’ve been an mma collector for over 12 years and excited about this monumental breakthrough and will be contributing in any way possible!

I was involved in private autograph signings last year some names include - Sean O’Malley, Georges St-Pierre and last November with Dustin Poirier :slight_smile:

I have quite a few ideas and insight in the mma collecting hobby as my experience in this area is second to none. Anyone else a collector? I’d love to collaborate and share some ideas with flow team members as well as open discussion with the community.

Best regards,

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Welcome to the community @EmbraceTheGrind! We’re really happy to have you here. :slight_smile:
Feel free to share your ideas here. I’m sure people will jump in to give feedback if you share.

I am here for the same reason, super excited to get involved in digital collectible for UFC!
Which fighter’s NFTs do you think have the best value for someone looking at NFTs as an investment?!

I’m here for this exact reason as well. I’m really hoping they utilize the ‘pay to earn’ aspect to UFC, similar to what they are doing with MotoGP in contrast to NBA Topshots. Both get pack drops but MotoGP is more interactive (customize your nft’s, compete against other nft’s for ranking) and could possibly raise the value of your NFT. “Moments” in the UFC are unprecedented as compared to other professional sports so I anticipate ‘true fan’ collectors to hold these instead of quick flips.

Hey guys Ive just launched a cryptomma NFT line if you want to check it out. First person to buy a fighter (all limited to 10) will receive a free 1 of 1 Champ card, Jan Blachowicz.
Thanks so much !