NBA Top Shot common, rare and legendary classification

Hey everyone,
does anyone know where the rarity classification for a Moment is stored on NBA Top Shot? (common, rare and legendary). I didn’t find it in the metadata - maybe it’s stored outside the chain?


Can anyone help with this? @flowjosh @qvvg

The rarity classification is not stored on chain, though it is based on on-chain data. Moments on-chain have a certain number minted for each edition, and editions that have less moments in them are generally considered more rare. Does that make sense?

Tnx @flowjosh thank you for your prompt answer. That is helpful. And how are Editions stored on-chain? All that I can see in the contract: Series, Sets, Moments & NFTs. And what is the logic behind Packs?

an edition is a combination of a set and a play. The number of moments in an edition is tracked by this field:
They don’t call them editions on chain, but they do off-chain.

Packs are also an off-chain construct for now, but that will change in the future

Tnx @flowjosh - awesome