NFT and content storage

What’s the primary technique for NFTs on Flow? Do they live in a wallet, or are they stored entirely on the blockchain? Do you do any embedding of content for NFTs, or links to content? The tutorials sound like the NFT is stored in the account, but I wasn’t clear on how minting on chain is managed, or how you might go about managing an NFT with content (like digital art or collectibles).

@flowjosh FYI

Besides using the NFT standard, the best practices for NFTs on Flow is still in a very early stage and is being defined. You can check out the NFT repo or the top shot repo for some examples, but we expect that the best practices will continue to change as the ecosystem matures.

We have an issue for discussion about NFT metadata here: but that is still early stages. Most projects are still storing data off-chain, but it could be done in many different ways.