NFT Avatars on Flow

On Ethereum there are a lot of avatar based collectibles (Cryptopunks, Avastars, etc) I think that a similar concept could work really well on Flow.

My idea takes inspirations from both CP and Avastars:

  • I want to create a hard cap to the number of avatars that could be created (1000-2500)
  • A cheap entry buy ($10-$20)
  • Completely on-chain storage

The selling of 1000 avatars at $10 would generate a fair amount of revenue, but I think the project’s main business model would revolve around aftermarket sales.

Is completely on chain storage and wrapping NFTs to give a percentage of the revenue to the creator possible on Flow?

I have a product idea that I think could work really well. If a developer is interested reply or dm me on discord (kinger9999#3148)

I’d also love to hear what you guys think of the project. I’m sure there are things that don’t make perfect sense and could be improved on.


Did you pursue this any further? I’d buy one.

I know how to develop in Flow, I’m interested in your idea, I added your Discord, can we have a chat? :grinning: