One-Stop-Shop for NFTs ✨


The place where you can store, manage and trade your digital collectibles and game items with the community of passionate collectors and gamers.

Design Mocks

It should feel like a regular app without any crypto complexity.

Inspired by NBA Top Shot :sparkles: I’ll share more mockups later.

How It Works

The platform will combine several parts:

  • Wallet: 1. Users will transfer NFTs to the platform’s wallet. 2. Represent NFTs in a “cloud” way where the tokens are physically stored in other wallets but visually represent on the platform. (Second part is just an idea, need some tech proofs :eyes:)
  • Collections & Management: Users can easily assemble collections and represent it in a beautiful way with some cool visual effects. There will be handy tools for managing a lot of NFTs: batching, renaming, hiding, etc.
  • Marketplace: Trading functionality, users can buy and sell NFTs and even whole collections. Plus, auctions. An NFT or collection can have multiple owners. Someone could build a loan service with NFTs as collateral. (See Dev Platform :eyes:)
  • Community: Users can create a chat around their collections to discuss it with other users. Plus, there will be a community feed panel with a time-line of what’s happening on the platform in real-time.
  • Token: Users will receive platform’s tokens for any achievements, for example: transfer NFT to the wallet, create collections, make a trade, convert Ethereum NFT into Flow NFT, refer a friend, etc. In the future tokens could use for governance.

— Long Term Vision —

  • Drops: Brands, companies, and artists could start up their new collectibles products on the platform and instantly get access to a large user base.
  • Studio: Photoshop-like editor where you can create your own art/design and then mint it into the NFT. (This way you can easily check the authenticity of art.) It could be the first mini-app built with Dev Platform.
  • Dev Platform: Dev tooling that allows any individual developer or team to build mini-apps integrated into the platform and get access to a large user base.
  • SDK/API: Getting access to data and features of the platform to improve the functionality of third-party applications. Build new standalone applications on top of the platform.

MVP scope

We will start with a simple wallet for NFTs + maybe the Eth-to-Flow feature.

Target Users

  • NFT collectors
  • Crypto gamers
  • Crypto artist
  • Digital art collectors
  • NFT whales :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Sport communities
  • Any fan-based communities

Blockchains Support

  • Flow: No need to comment, the best blockchain for collectibles ever :smiley:
  • Ethereum: Since Ethereum has a great community of NFT fans we need to support it from the start. But also we can provide special tooling to convert Ethereum NFTs to Flow NFTs and incentivize this with the platform’s token for example.

Good References


  • Giveaways of cool stuff on socials
  • Drops of cool/rare collectibles
  • Collaborations with brands and artists
  • Twitch/Youtube streamers playing crypto games
  • Referrals: give some/get some
  • Platform Token incentives
  • Discord community


  • Artiom, product and marketing expert, founder of Linkdrop, a platform for increasing the engagement and usage of crypto products with customers like Maker, 0x, Coinbase, etc.
  • Jayesh, a young CS undergrad, won several hackathons, built a Spotify-like platform for supporting artists with crypto.

We seek one or two more devs who would love to join our team

Let us know what you think, any feedback is appreciated :pray:


This is more a vision of the future product. We will start with a simple wallet for NFTs with maybe an Eth-to-Flow converter feature, will see

Looks awesome! That ETH <-> Flow feature would be massive :slightly_smiling_face:

Stoked to see how this turns out!

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This looks great and is very ambitious! I’m glad that you are stripping it down to the NFT wallet MVP first though. It would be great to see a detailed post just about the MVP.
What do you think will be the first feature after the MVP?

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Hey @flowjosh, thanks for the question! So in the end, we decided to focus on one cool thing — building an Eth-to-Flow converter tool for NFTs, here are more details: ETH ↔️ FLOW converter


Regarding the NFT wallet, the first feature after the MVP would be a simple version of the marketplace so users can trade NFTs and build their reputation. I think it’s important to have an identity system in the core of this product: for example, users can rate each other after the trade, or have badges with achievements on the platform.

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It would be cool if FLOW entered the computer games market such as Dota 2, CS: GO, PUBG … that would be amazing heheh

What happens when Opensea just adds FLOW support to their stack?

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