@onflow/protobuf for ExecuteScriptAtBlockHeight

Hi, this is all pretty new to me but after some digging, to my understanding the fcl scripts for the js sdk does not support the function ExecuteScriptAtBlockHeight.

I was told it might be possible to run it if I use the onflow protobuf package, would I haveto generate the protobufs myself or can I use it directly in my node app? Because when installing protoc and the library I don’t get a script in my package.json to generate them.

Your help would be appreciated



Interfaces for each available protobuf request are exposed by the “@onflow/protobuf” package, which is available to download via NPM (see: flow-js-sdk/packages/protobuf at master · onflow/flow-js-sdk · GitHub) . To see how to build with them, feel free to reference the send functions available in the “@onflow/send” package (see: flow-js-sdk/packages/send at master · onflow/flow-js-sdk · GitHub). Each send function interacts with the interfaces exposed by the “@onflow/protobuf” package.

We have a few issues in the flow-js-sdk backlog to allow access to *AtBlockHeight functions from the js-sdk / fcl

I will prioritize this work in our coming few sprints. Feel free to track the progress of these issues to see the current status of this work!

Happy building :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ! If you have any additional questions or need more help please reach out!

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