Post Apocalyptic Survival Game: Scavenge, Grow, Build

Game in a post apocalyptic (faloutish) world where players would first scavenge for resources, then grow crops and herd animals, build shelters, infrastructure and equipments.

All resources, buildings, animals etc. will be represented as NFT, perhaps there will be a in game FT currency.
Some (most) of the resources will be tradable and burnable in order to produce new things, or for maintenance or ware and tear.
Trading and cooperation will produce greater yields and new resources.

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This sounds really interesting and ambitious @mieszko! I would try to think of an MVP that includes the bare minimum functionality for this kind of thing and see if that works.

I also wouldn’t try to make everything an NFT. This could really increase the complexity of your game without much benefit to the player experience. Try to think of 3 or 4 important types of items in your game that need to be NFTs and start from there. You can always make more things NFTs in the future

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Thanks for the feedback @flowjosh. I can’t agree more that it is out of scope.

My idea of MVP would be crafting weapons and base defences with an aim to make them usable in a
tower defence / zombie apocalypse shooter.

After a lot of changes I’ve reposed the idea in the following post