Problems Authenticating with Fleek

Hello there!

I’m trying to develop a webpage that interacts with the onFlow blockchain using Fleek as a deployment tool since I like the idea of using IPFS hosting and different possibilities that Fleek offers.

However, I’m trying to replicate the tutorial available at:
and the Authentication Cluster (the component that let’s the user log in using their wallet) doesn’t work. It gives the following error: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Failed to construct ‘URL’.

I thought that it was related to a bad URL construction due to the IPFS format, however I don’t understand where I could be making this mistake.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Okay, so I just found the error and in fact is a bit stupid :sweat_smile:

Just in case someone faces the same problem at some point, I’m going to leave a brief explanation:

The issue was that Wallet discovery (as well ass Access node and contract profile) is defines in “.env.local”. This constant is used during the auth process, so if the value is missing the process will fail. The problem here was that when I uploaded the code to do the deployment I forgot to include this file to the CD tool, in this case Fleek. Since fleek didn’t have access to the values, it couldn’t solve the different steps to authenticate the user.

Hope this helps if someone is faceing similar issues!