Sell kittyItems transaction failed

I run the kittyItems project ( on flow emulator, I deployed all the contracts on “account-emulator” and I created another account on which I setup a vault fusd, I minted fusd on it, and I minted also an NFT on it. Now I want to put this NFT on marketplace “nftStorefront” but when I run the transaction sell_item_fusd.cdc, I obtain this error :
flow transactions send ./cadence/transactions/nftStorefront/sell_item_fusd.cdc --signer account_with_nft --arg UInt64:1 --arg UFix64:10.0

❌ Transaction Error 
execution error code 1101: [Error Code: 1101] cadence runtime error Execution failed:
error: assertion failed: Missing or mis-typed Kibble receiver
  --> 315c8626083fb38520b4e51c5027cf40be8c943e9d5917b16ee826f56cc76769:19:8
19 |         assert(self.fusdReceiver.borrow() != nil, message: "Missing or mis-typed Kibble receiver")
   |         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

the code sell_item_fusd.cdc :
import FungibleToken from “…/…/contracts/FungibleToken.cdc”
import NonFungibleToken from “…/…/contracts/NonFungibleToken.cdc”
import FUSD from “…/…/contracts/FUSD.cdc”
import KittyItems from “…/…/contracts/KittyItems.cdc”
import NFTStorefront from “…/…/contracts/NFTStorefront.cdc”

transaction(saleItemID: UInt64, saleItemPrice: UFix64) {

    let fusdReceiver: Capability<&FUSD.Vault{FungibleToken.Receiver}>
    let kittyItemsProvider: Capability<&KittyItems.Collection{NonFungibleToken.Provider, NonFungibleToken.CollectionPublic}>
    let storefront: &NFTStorefront.Storefront

    prepare(account: AuthAccount) {
        // We need a provider capability, but one is not provided by default so we create one if needed.
        let kittyItemsCollectionProviderPrivatePath = /private/kittyItemsCollectionProvider

        self.fusdReceiver = account.getCapability<&FUSD.Vault{FungibleToken.Receiver}>(/public/fusdReciever)!
        assert(self.fusdReceiver.borrow() != nil, message: "Missing or mis-typed Kibble receiver")

        if !account.getCapability<&KittyItems.Collection{NonFungibleToken.Provider, NonFungibleToken.CollectionPublic}>(kittyItemsCollectionProviderPrivatePath)!.check() {
  <&KittyItems.Collection{NonFungibleToken.Provider, NonFungibleToken.CollectionPublic}>(kittyItemsCollectionProviderPrivatePath, target: KittyItems.CollectionStoragePath)

        self.kittyItemsProvider = account.getCapability<&KittyItems.Collection{NonFungibleToken.Provider, NonFungibleToken.CollectionPublic}>(kittyItemsCollectionProviderPrivatePath)!
        assert(self.kittyItemsProvider.borrow() != nil, message: "Missing or mis-typed KittyItems.Collection provider")

        self.storefront = account.borrow<&NFTStorefront.Storefront>(from: NFTStorefront.StorefrontStoragePath)
            ?? panic("Missing or mis-typed NFTStorefront Storefront")

    execute {
        let saleCut = NFTStorefront.SaleCut(
            receiver: self.fusdReceiver,
            amount: saleItemPrice
            nftProviderCapability: self.kittyItemsProvider,
            nftType: Type<@KittyItems.NFT>(),
            nftID: saleItemID,
            salePaymentVaultType: Type<@FUSD.Vault>(),
            saleCuts: [saleCut]

I don’t know what this assert because I have a fusd vault on the account receiver. I have 30 fusd on it.
Have you an idea ?
Thanks for your help

OK, I’ve got it !! I have been looking for a long time and finally it is a smalllllll error

In the transaction code : self.fusdReceiver = account.getCapability<&FUSD.Vault{FungibleToken.Receiver}>(/public/fusdReciever)!

/public/fusdReciever instead of /public/fusdReceiver

Glad you were able to figure it out! Feel free to ask any other questions. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, was this a typo in the example code?

Yes this is a typo in the example code.
You can see this typo again :

at the line 17

Fixed here:

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Hi people!
Ive got the same error, and i see that typo in transaction code, but can anybody explain how to fix that? Im trying to put on sale an item at Rarible Flow

Check out the PR that Mackenzie made. Just change the spelling of receiver in the path name. :slight_smile:

but do we talking about flow emulator or about real Flow on the Rarible?
i can`t see the option “edit transaction”(