Simple Differences Between FLOW/Cadence vs Ethereum/Solidity

I am building out a pitch deck and have a slide comparing
FLOW/Cadence to Ethereum/Solidity
I know FLOW is Resource-Based, what would you call ethereum?
What is the TX speed in comparison?
I tried finding something very simple but canโ€™t.
Have been studying the cadence docs but looking for a shortcut if one exists.


Hey Gianni,

I strongly suggest you get a read at the technical papers for answers. Especially the first one. It does a good job at comparing the existing blockchain with Flowโ€™s technical value proposition.

To give you a heads-up and quote the extract from this paper:
โ€œSeparation of concerns en-ables our system to achieve a throughput increase by a factor of 56 compared to conventionalarchitectures without loss of safety or decentralization.โ€

Hope this helps!


Have read and continue to study them. But was hoping someone had made a simple comparison chart or something somewhere.

thanks for that snippet, that works great.

I posted an article in my blog about a list of different features (especially in the security areas) between Cadence and Solidity.

Please take a look and let me know.



fantastic! Im adding it to my flow list.