Staking Flow

hi, interesting in staking flow on blockto. Does anyone know when we unstake how long does it take to for those coins that were staked to be available to move?

@gjiro When you submit an unstaking request, you need to wait one epoch after the end of the epoch in which you submitted the request, so it can be anywhere between a week or two weeks

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is there any difference between staking for a verification node and consensus node? Do they have the same rewards?

They have the same rewards for the forseeable future. There are plans in the works to adjust rewards based on node type, but that won’t be coming for a while

I need to unstake locked flows… you know how?

@ABF7 Where are you staking your tokens? Different apps have different methods for unstaking


You’ll need to ask Coinlist. They have a special way of managing users tokens and we don’t know what their policy will be