Storage Minimum Re-Enabled - May 26, 2021

Hello community.

This is a notice to let you know our team discovered an issue with storage limit enforcement not being enabled since the v0.16 update (MainNet Spork 8, 4/28/21). This allowed users to withdraw and use FLOW from their account below their minimum reservations and possibly below the minimum required account storage fees.

  • This has since been resolved and was re-enabled during MainNet Spork 9 on 5/26/21.

  • Due to this, approximately 1,000 accounts that were below minimum thresholds were given a small amount of additional funding in order to raise their account status to compliance. The average amount added across all accounts was 0.001 FLOW.

  • No further action is required. Please note that the minimum account storage fee is currently 0.001 FLOW (10KB).

For full information on the implementation of Account Minimum Balance, please refer to the full breakdown from March 31.

Thank you,

The Flow Team :ocean: