Struggling to Install vs studio flow extension

I am having trouble installing the extension please help

@Jschupak could you please let us know which step you are stuck at or having trouble with?


I’m sorry to commandeer this question, but I’m also having trouble. I have installed VScode, but can’t seem to locate the extension. I’m googling a lot of things, but is there a resource here for tutorials, especially the installation instructions for the extension? It doesn’t seem to be on the VScode marketplace from what I can tell.

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Thanks for raising this, @TradeUpCards.

I think it’s about time we made the extension available directly in the VS Code extension panel.

For now, you have to install the Flow CLI and then run this command:

flow cadence install-vscode-extension

Having issue installing cadence extension for vscode on mac.
Have installed typescript as well but getting the blow error when I run flow cadence install-vscode-extension
Here is the error message:
exec: "code": executable file not found in $PATH
Looks like it’s looking for executable file which we don’t have on mac.
Is it only for windows or I’m doing something wrong.