The AVR Metaverse world built on FLOW blockchain

I have new plan about build Metaverse world on FLOW blockchain, the concept is similar like Sandbox, but it is concentrated more on artist to show their artworks around the world.
The unique points on AVR technologies are listed as below:

Virtual contents are located in real world with ar:
Real demo, but gif has lower fps, actually it has 60 fps

  1. Unlike KAWS ar app, it can locate virtual contents on actual precise position.
  2. There is intuitive editor app, to let artists directly place their artworks on famous landscapes.
  3. It support Unity contents, also included photos and videos materials. Contents are uploaded into IPFS for blockchain.
  4. There is dashboard, to let artist to upload artworks, and mint them as NFT, define prices and bid mechanism.
  5. There is consumer app, to see all artists profiles, and the Map to see NFTs around world, also can buy them to own those artworks on famous landscapes. Buyer can control artworks in Metaverse world.

Virtual contents are located in virtual 3D showroom (or virtual exhibition):

  1. It has space editor, to let artist choose 3D templates (art galleries) to place artworks, to create shared link.
  2. The links are based on Web, you don’t need VR headset or install app to experience it.
  3. Consumer can walk through in tour, and click tags to open NFT purchase link.
    The actual demo like this : demo

I would like to leverage FLOW cadences, to do business model like below link:
Architecture in FLOW

  • Artists upload artworks and define FLOW prices, mint them as NFT.
  • Artists use AVR apps to place NFTs into Metaverse world (mostly REAL World).
  • Curators can help artists to place NFTs and do exhibition around world.
  • Consumer has the app to see nearby NFTs around them, and go there to scan them.
  • Consumer can buy NFTs with the link, become to buyer. Then Buyers can have more control on NFTs, such as play unique animation, or move them into new position to resell them.
  • Finally, the smart contact should allow buyer to pay FLOW to artist, and exchange NFT. And artist needs to share commission rate to curators if buyer purchases it through curators.

It is early stage, I just started to research the kitty-items example.

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Interesting idea. As far as I know, there are fast-growing companies in Vancouver in the field of AR/ VR. I suggest you interviewing with these companies to refine the value proposition you are working on. I believe that FLOW cadence is a great opportunity for all of us to shorten the time to realiziation of our NFT based innovations.

Good luck with your venture @skypu3

Yeah this looks really exciting! I’m interested in seeing more when you have it. :slight_smile: