There is an urgent need to review Dapp!?

I have learned in the DAPP Construction section of the official document that DAPP can only be deployed after review by the FLOW team when deployed to the main network. I only have one NonFungibleToken contract and one FungibleToken contract. Do these two contracts also need to be reviewed when deployed to the main network?

Hi, yes you are correct. Keep in mind reviewing mainnet is only a temporary measure, and the goal of the Stable Cadence initiative is to enable permissionless mainnet deployment. Check it out if you’re curious for the latest status and conversations.

In regards to your specific question, are you referring to the standard NonFungibleToken and FungibleToken contract interfaces? In that case, those are standard, and should not require manual review, however still include them in your submission just in case any changes have been made inadvertently. In any case, best to include all the contracts in your project to be safe. More info on Mainnet deployment.

Also, before deploying to mainnet, make sure to follow the Testnet deployment guidelines.

All the best with your project!