Trying to get started, Need some help


I haven’t coded websites or anything related to them in about 18+ years. I’m trying to learn the syntax, packages, software needed to develop some tools to work with Flow. I have installed VScode and been playing around with some tutorials online, but am often running into issues.

It looks like there might have been courses/tutorials here at one point that I saw in another post but the link doesn’t work for me.

I’m reading online about adding the Cadence extension for VScode, but I’m not seeing it in the marketplace. Also, I’ve run the install for flow-cli in my project, but then the flow command is not recognized after.

I’d like to know how to get set up to run an emulator so I can start playing around with Flow and developing tools. Any help/guidance is much appreciated.

FYI, I’ve started the playground tutorials here: 2. Hello World - Flow Documentation


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Install the Flow-CLI and when that’s working you can run flow cadence install-vscode-extension which is explained further here: Cadence Visual Studio Code Extension - Flow Documentation

I have done this, but after running the command

npm install -g flow-cli

I was getting ‘flow’ command not found. I just found different install instructions here: GitHub - onflow/flow-cli: The Flow CLI is a command-line interface that provides useful utilities for building Flow applications

After installing via PowerShell in Windows, I’m now able to get a response with the command

flow version

I’ll move on to the next steps now. Thanks.

Good to hear!

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